A poet’s opinion regarding the soul

By William B. Burkholder

Nature is a constant, in spite of our deaths life rolls on un-abated. We are but a universal flash in the pan. The universe is the environment of man and beast. It is where life’s successes and failures play out on the cosmic stage.

To be human means to be mortal. Yes, a simple truth. What then becomes of the soul and, what is the soul? Our thoughts, our intellect are the essence of the soul. Those things that we have learned in life measure our depths.

Our mentalities will not be different from what they are now, save for our transcendence to perfect understanding. Our questions will be answered. Only then will we be able to throw off our preconceived ideas of the after life and glory. That change of state from the physical to the spiritual will reveal to us the true essence of our souls.

What we do in this life; these self-perpetrated chains that we bind ourselves in, have nothing to do with our souls. They have everything to do with our worldliness and the misguided, selfish emotions that we all cleave to and for. The soul is the core of our existence. It is truly what we are and what we will ultimately become.

Physical life blinds us to this simple concept. The dull haze of a chaotic world allows us only to view and be conscious of those happenings below the clouds. It is only when we break free of these chains, that we will truly understand ourselves and understand the motives of God.

Our physical deaths are a given, the inevitable. Our souls are constant, and unmistakable. When that moment arrives, when we shed these coils of skin and bone,
We graduate to another stage, a more permanent classroom where the learning and insight will be much more enlightening than that of mere man and his didactic ramblings and theoretical musings.

The acts of the body have nothing to do with the soul. For the soul is pure, the acts; those perpetrated in life are riddled with mistakes and ignorance; and it is those acts that will be thrown away, and forgotten. In addition, it will be the soul forgiven and washed clean. It is that, that will transcend the dark clouds of this earth and rise to a brighter day of insight and forgiveness.

However, the physical life in itself is a gift from God. We walk this path for a short time. This physical world is our primer, our preparation for better things to come. We are tested and baptized in the fires of ignorance, and from the ashes, we will rise to a clearer realization of whom and what we are truly meant to be.

This cocoon earth our birthplace of the physical and our transcendence to the spiritual.
We who walk the earth have yet to bloom in the light of Gods gifts and grace. However, in time, we shall.