Maui forgives enemies

PNS — MAUI Taylor sat on the Hot Seat of “Showbiz Central” last Sunday. “I’m so nervous coming here as I’m not sure kung okay na kami ni DJ Mo,” she says.

She used to co-host Mo’s radio show but they had a falling out when she came late and Mo said, “I don’t care if you resign,” and so she did. Pia Guanio first talked to her then Mo came out with some flowers, kneeled in front of her and said “Maui, I’m sorry. I miss you.” And that’s it. They kissed and made up and Mo started interviewing her as central juror. Mo asked her about her mom’s feud with Angelica Jones’ mom.

Maui’s mom, Anette Taylor, and Angelica’s mom, Beth Jones, had an encounter at Zirkoh Bar last Thursday. Anette has long been looking for Beth who owes her P300,000 for jewelry that Beth got from her and hasn’t paid yet. Anette wanted to get the jewelry back but Beth cannot give them back as it turned out she has pawned them. When Anette confronted Beth about this, the latter got mad and allegedly made a scene. Things got worse when Beth allegedly accused Anette of pimping her own child, Maui, saying “Basta ako, hindi ko ibinubugaw ang anak ko.” This angered Anette and now, she wants to sue Beth for the jewelry and for slandering her in front of the Zirkoh crowd.

“I’ll teach her a lesson,” she added. To this, Beth answered: “Idemanda niya ako para mailabas ko lahat ng baho niya.”

What can Maui say about this? “I wasn’t there when it happened. Nakuwento lang ng mom ko. But I don’t think us kids should be involved sa away ng moms namin. Away nila yun.”

It’s a day of reconciliation for Maui. In the Killer Task, she also got the chance to patch things up with Wilma Doesnt who earlier called her plastic and “batang may boobs” when they did a play at Music Museum. They called Wilma on the phone. She and Maui talked on the air, letting bygones be bygones.

Is it true Bryan Revilla broke up with her as his family doesn’t approve her? “No. Tita Lani (Mercado) and I nga continue to text each other up to now. We broke up kasi may third party involved on his side.”

She says she’s happy with her lovelife now. She’s been on with a 31-year-old Chinoy architect, Kent Lim, for more than two years now and she adds that they’re very happy together. “I don’t hide anything from him and he knows all about my past boyfriends, including Bryan Revilla,” she says. “He’s very understanding and when I asked him if I could still go sexy in my new movie, ‘Torotot,’ he says he is supportive of my career. Ayoko na sanang ipapanood ito sa kanya but since it’s a really good movie, I guess I should be proud nga for him to watch it when it opens in theaters tomorrow.”

Maui really gives a good performance as the veterinarian wife of Baron Geisler who has an affair with a dog trainer, of Andrew Schimmer, and they’re shown doing it at the opening of the film dogstyle. So when do we see her walking down the aisle with Kent Lim? “Ay, malayo pa, he knows I’m not yet ready for marriage and he’s willing to wait.”