Vic can’t topple Dolphy

PNS — WE made it a point not to miss watching “Dobol Trobol” for only one reason: to see how the tandem of two well-loved comedians, Dolphy and Vic Sotto, works. We also conditioned ourselves to hear old and tested jokes, a recycling of toilet humor which was the opening scene in the trailer of the movie and a rehash of comic situations comedy king Dolphy has done in the past. We were all prepared for all these and enjoy.

The fact that “Dobol Trobol” was graded B is already a good indication that we are in for some fun and minus the toilet humor which reaches even to the confines of an elevator, “Dobol Trobol” should be worth watching. In general, it is wholesome and entertaining.

There is superb chemistry between Dolphy and Vic, reminding us of the very effective partnership of Dolphy and the late comedian /sidekick Panchito. But Vic is no sidekick and they hit their target on the spot with their punchlines although we noticed that Dolphy elicits more laughter from the moviegoers. Sixty three years of experience behind him has made Dolphy a very versatile comedian.

The use of special effects (the paper plane scene which landed Dolphy’s mouth and boomeranged to Vic) caused thunderous laughter from the viewers. It was effective and one wished there were more. The kiss which should have landed on Riza Santos but was planted on Dolphy instead was another funny sequence.

Riza plays a loving daughter who wants to bring back her dad (Dolphy) and her business-minded mom (Carmi Martin) together again is not an award-winning performance but her voluptuous body is. She has a scene shot while swimming and getting out of a pool which was “wholesomely” executed. The fake kissing scene though in a dream sequence was a complete turn-off since lip service nowadays is like kissing the hand of an elderly.

No big deal really unless you are prone to believe in the rumor that Pia Guanio didn’t allow it. Incidentally, she did a cameo together with Zsa Zsa Padilla and if you missed the scene, it is quite alright. You barely missed a thing.

A walk-on part which suspense director Alfred Hitchcock used to do would have been appropriate.

“Dobol Trobol” is less riotous and definitely devoid of fantasy elements which “Enteng Kabisote” richly contains. The movie is simple in approach and advocates the value of family. Forget “Zohan” or “The Dark Knight.” The merger of the two top comedians Dolphy and Vic may never happen again. It will also give you an idea why Dolphy is still tops. No one does it better than Dolphy.