Lucy’s smile enough appetizer for Goma

PNS — LUCY Torres-Gomez says people keep on asking her when she’ll have a new baby since her daughter Juliana is now seven years old. “Gustung-gusto na nga namin ni Richard na sundan siya and we’re doing everything, kaya lang, wala pa talaga,” she says.

“Every month, when someone asks me, I say yes, I’m already pregnant. Kasi, dapat daw, i-claim mo, para mangyari talaga. Kaso, wala pa rin. I just leave it all to God kung kailan niya gusto. In His own time, I know He’ll give us another child.”

Maybe Lucy should rest for a while. All that dancing in her dance show o ABC-5 and her daily hosting job on Q 11 can be stressful and not conducive to conceiving another baby.

Westmont Pharmaceuticals got Lucy and Juliana to be their endorser for new Appebon Kid Syrup meant for underweight kids with poor appetite or picky eaters. “It’s good Juliana has really been taking Appebon kaya sanay na siya rito,” says Lucy. “When she was born, she was so tiny and at 2, her doctor prescribed Appebon for her and it helped. Now naman, we tell her to slow down kasi we don’t want her to be fat. Appebon is nice as a supplement as it doesn’t produce drowsiness or have any bad side effects. We taught Juliana good eating habits and she eats both vegetables and fruits as well as chips. Dapat lang, balanse talaga. Moderation.”

And why did they get Lucy as endorser? “Because she’s the epitome of a healthy lifestyle and is a good role model for other working moms,” says Westmont Gen. Mgr. Renato Castañeda. “Even if she’s hosting TV show and writing columns, she remains to be a good homemaker and mom to Juliana.”

How come Juliana is not present at the Appebon launching? “Because she’s in school and we don’t want her to think that she be absent from school for occasions like this. We also don’t want her to go into showbiz as we want to protect her and for her to have a normal childhood.”

Since Juliana already has Appebon as appetite stimulant, what does she give to Richard to stimulate him? “Nothing. Ako lang. Just a smile, puede na.”