I’m lily-white and proud to state.
In my veins flows pure Brit blood
Spilt this sacred soil for our sake.
Sadly, hordes spoilt it, made me mad.

We almost got rid of the reds,
Shot buffalos to extinction
And for good land for our homesteads
Removed them to reservation.

Descendants of slaves in plantations
Now rule many-a-neighborhood
Some still depend on gov. rations
And legit single motherhood.

The yellow peril had landed;
Came to tend our gardens, laundry’
Now hold us deeply indebted
They grab our best prime property.

The Mexs who through our border sneak
Strain our school and health services.
English, they refuse to learn or speak,
Make us strangers in our premises.

The Asian Indians came of late.
Convenience stores they took over.
They staffed professional health slate.
What else is left for us to cover?

Some Moslems say they’ll destroy us
For beings friends with Israelites.
We wonder if Jews would hate us
If we supported Moslem rights.

May these colored hordes go away.
Leave us in peace, in pure white bliss.
We mean no harm or change their way
Only in oneness there’s happiness.