PDA scholars’ fate on texters

PNS — THE much-anticipated first Live Gala Performance Night of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 was finally held Saturday wherein Pride of Puerto Galera Liezel emerged as the Star Scholar of the week while Stage Performer Inaki and Independent Woman Laarni are the very first Probee Scholars of the week.

Liezel really shone during the Gala Performance Night as her rendition of “Dance with My Father” earned a grade of 8.97 from the distinguished jury of the night composed of multi-awarded composer Louie Ocampo, romantic balladeer Hajji Alejandro, and respected talent manager Girlie Rodis. As this week’s Star Scholar, Liezel’s small dream of giving her aunt a cellphone would be granted.

Completing the Top 5 Scholars of the week are Romantic Crooner Miguel (8.83), Teen Heartthrob Van (8.63), Singing Interior Designer Cris (8.23), and Stylist’s Son Ross (8.00). Cris’ sudden change of song due to her org’s loss in a Recess Game held last week didn’t become a liability as she proved that she is versatile enough to sing any song. Her piece for the week was a jazzed up version of “Papa Oom Mow Mow.”

Four Scholars, on the other hand, failed to impress the jury. Sweet Chanteuse Bea and Small Boy Wonder joined the eventual Probees Inaki and Laarni in the bottom of the list.

Bea, who got a score of 6.40, was too stiff for the jury. Hadji Alejandro advised her to loosen up, as that’s what held her back in her performance. Christian, who received a grade of 5.23, was advised by Girlie Rodis to work on his vocals more. The two were saved by their co-scholars and their Mentors’ votes respectively.

This week’s Probees will depend on the people’s text votes to continue staying and studying in the Academy. Inaki, who got 6.17, was advised by resident juror Louie Ocampo to work on his shaky performance as it pulled down his amazing stage presence. Laarni, who got a score of 5.17, was advised by Mr. Ocampo to put more emotions into her performance and to add more texture to her voice.

Voting for the Probee Scholars of the week is now officially open. To support your favorite, key in PDA space InAKI or PDA space LAARNI on your cellphones and send to 231 for Smart and Talk & Text, and Addict Mobile subscribers and 2331 for Globe, TM, and Sun subscribers. You can also vote online thru www.pinoy dream academy.com. ph.

Meanwhile, the Pupilars org managed to get a General Point Average (GPA) of 7.88 during the Gala Performance Night. This means that the org will be receiving a weekly allowance of P500 per member, which they can use to buy groceries and other necessities. One Voice, on the other hand, only got a GPA of 6.86. Hence, they would have to do with the basic supplies provided for them like rice, vegetables, and bread.

How will Iñaki and Laarni cope with their probationary status? Will One Voice be able to survive one whole week of eating nothing but the basic supplies? How will One Voice deal with the failure of getting a GPA above 7.5?

Stay tuned from Monday to Friday to Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Uberture, 5:30 PM, and Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Primetime, after My Girl on ABS-CBN to find out. You can also watch the Scholars everyday on Studio 23, 12:00-2:00 PM and 24/7 online via TFCNow Video Stream (www.abs-cbnnow. com). For online updates, check out Pinoy Dream Academy 2’s official website: www. pinoydreamacademy. ph